DOWNLOADABLE ART (some of which will also be available at the first stop of the day's events):

Islands of LA's "Islands Anyone?"

Kyoung Kim "Haze"

Robin Myrick "Town Hall Town Crier"

Tracy Molis "Freud A Washington"

Tucker Neel "Share the Light"

Midnight Ridazz

Mark So "Small Change"

Also, check out the event blog for more information on other works, such as:
Ally Sachs & Alexis Hudgins “Public Phones on Washington Blvd as of October 11th, 2009.”
Andrea Lambert “Jet Set Desolate”
Joe Milazzo “What's It Like In Culver City?”
Daiana Feuer "Clownin Part 2"
Katie Jacobson “Vergangenheitsbewältigung”
Mary Beth Heffernan "Repair Shop"

And Caroline Chang's “Park. Walk. Eat.” is only available at the event.