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A'misa Chiu, Al Walz, Alexis Disselkoen + Paul Pescador, Andrea Lambert, Artie Vegas Revue with Tequila Mockingbird, Audio Destructinators, Audrey Chan, Austin Young, Billy Kheel, Birthday Cake Ninjas, Carola Schmidt, Carolyn Chen, Chad Dilley, Chris Girard, Chris Peters, Cindy Short and friends, Colin Wambsgans, Comfort Zone, Corey Fogel + Jonathan Silberman, Daiana Feuer, Danielle Adair, Darcy Yates, David Burns + Matias Viegener, David Shull, Debbie Attias + Nathan Hodson, Diana-Sofia Estrada, Emery C. Martin, Emily Appenzeller, Eric Lindley, Faith Purvey, For Matta-Clark (Yelena Zhelezov and Zoe Aja Moore), Francesca Penzani, Gary Schultz, Greg Zilboorg, Harold Abramowitz, Harpal Sodhi, Ian James + Travis Diehl, Jana Papenbroock, Jannon, Jen Bruce, Jim Skuldt, Joe Milazzo, Johns Barlog + Burtle, John D'Amico, John P. Hogan, Jon Rutzmoser, Jonathan Gomez, Joseph Imhauser, Kate Durbin, Katie Jacobson, Karen Atkinson, Katie Bachler, Kelly Coats, Ken Ehrlich, Kimsu Ye + Christine Wang, Kristoffer Svenberg, Kristy Baltezore, Kyle Barnes, Lara Bank, Laura London, Laura Marchetti, Linda Lay, Lindsey Carl Mysse, Luci Lux, Luiz Ricardo Lopez + Mercedes Smith + Melissa Brown, Margaret Wappler, Maxfield Hegedius + Solomon Bothwell, Marnie Weber, Maryam Hosseinzadeh, Matt MacFarland, Matthew Fielder + Nate Schulman, Megan May Daalder, Michelle Detorie + the Poetry Booth, Michiko Yao + Juna Amano, Miggie Wong, MUC, Nicholas Smith, Niko Solorio, Opera Del Espacio, Paula Peng + the Time Travel Arcade, Philip Littell, Ramiro Gomez Jr, Rebeca Hernandez, Rick Bahto, Rima Añosa and Jason Luz, Robby Herbst, Robin Myrick, Samantha Cohen, The Sanctified PerMissionaries of Signified Belief, Sarah Frances Kuhn, Sascha Goldhor, Sepand Shahab, ShoneOne, Stefan Fähler, Stine Marie Jacobsen, TANGOWERK, Tessie Whitmore + Kyla Hansen, Trulee Grace Hall, Tucker Neel, Tyler Calkin, Vincent Ramos, Walker with Ali Tobia, William Burgess, Zackary Drucker


Projects that can give you a ride:

Lara Bank, "The Portable Forest Miniature Parade Float"

Driving up and down Sunset Blvd.
All Day

If you are in the right spot, you may catch a glimpse of Lara Bank's, The Portable Forest Miniature Parade Float driving up and down Sunset Boulevard between 1pm - 5pm on September 18th as a part of the Road Concert on Sunset Boulevard. This procession features a driver wearing a ghillie suit in a green toyota Echo labeled "The Portable Forest" towing a forest installation in a small green trailer guided by a moped driver in a bonsai evergreen motorcycle helmet.


Niko Solorio, "VIDEO ART TAXI™"

Niko Solorio's VIDEO ART TAXI™ will be traveling through Sunset Blvd. from the Downtown Los Angeles area all the way to the Beach. Niko will be making stops at areas along the LA ROAD CONCERT map offering patrons a shuttle service to any one of the other points on the LA ROAD CONCERT map.
11am - 7pm

Artist/Musician Niko Solorio will convert his Volkswagen Jetta into a VIDEO ART TAXI™. Niko will be making stops at various points along the LA ROAD CONCERT map to offer patrons a shuttle service to other LA ROAD CONCERT locations as they are treated to a hand selection of some of the finest video art works from Los Angeles and beyond. Artists whose work will be available for viewing inside the VIDEO ART TAXI™ include: Marnie Weber (L.A.), Trulee Grace Hall (L.A.), Zackary Drucker (L.A.), William Burgess (L.A.), Luci Lux (Berlin), Chris Peters (L.A.), Carola Schmidt (Berlin), Chad Dilley (L.A.), Joseph Imhauser (New York), Holly Woodlawn (L.A.), Jana Papenbrook (Berlin), Kristoffer Svenberg (Sweden) and many others. (Note: Look for a converted Volkswagen Jetta with the words VIDEO ART TAXI™ on it, or V.A.T.™)



Videos in the Video Art Taxi™:


Kristoffer Svenberg, "Heroes"

in the Video Art Taxi
All Day

Contemporary elite surfers in a video on gender and neo colonalism.


Chris Girard, "Tombstone Poem"

in the Video Art Taxi
All Day

Tombstone Poem, a video poem by Chris Girard, was filmed from engravings on tombstones found at Hollywood Forever Cemetery (also known as Hollywood Memorial Park) in December 2010 and was tentatively entitled Forever, Forever, Forever due to the overwhelming number of words "forever" found on these tombstones. The video poem was subsequently collaged and sequenced into a poem based on the words found and filmed. The ambient sounds reflect the surprising quietness of the celebrity-filled cemetery in the middle of busy Los Angeles. The film is an exploration of the omnipresence of historical moments signified by tombstones and the words that provide their description.


Francesca Penzani, "COLOURS / COLORI"

in the Video Art Taxi
All Day

A series of 3 videos of all the same titles. The short dance video of 7'45", the 16' which I adapted as a backdrop of a dance performance by choreographer Kuye Park during SOUNDWORLD, an evening of the musical works of Barry Schraeder, at REDCAT in 2006.
The 37' installation of only colours is the original version, uncut. I loved how the colours were interacting and dancing with each other. I just directed 2 Production Assistants dropping the colours I called at different tmes. Therefore this result.
The original idea was to cover my neighboring steep street, Baxter in Echo Park, and dropping colours from the top and film it dropping. Naturally it would have involved lots of colours and permissions to do that! Therefore I resolved to do it in a studio setting.
Years after the idea and filming, quite a lot of crime happened in the street, colouring the street in a different way.


Joseph Imhauser, "googling west into the sunset"

in the Video Art Taxi
(make sure driver plays radio!)
All Day
(it would be best to start it and the drive at the same time (I know this is a lot to ask, so if that can't happen it's still fine I think!)

"googling west into the sunset" (2011) is a silent video of a screen capture of "street-viewing" down the entire length of sunset boulevard. Throughout the course of the video there are small coincidences encountered, and similar coincidences may happen for the viewer, as this person is watching and experiencing this street-view image while having the same street view. The radio of the car should be set by the driver. This person is having the closest sensation to the virtual drive as in the video.


Jana Papenbroock, "The Birds"

in the Video Art Taxi
All Day

Waiting, trapped, overweight, socially phobic and not knowing what to do with their days, these birds symptomize the modern man and the woeful consequences of his self-inflicted isolation.



Stationed projects:


Tyler Calkin, "Sunset Welcome Hug"

W Sunset Blvd & N Figueroa St
12pm – 6pm

Sunset Welcome Hug is a performance from noon to 6pm at the corner of W Sunset Blvd and N Figueroa St, the intersection where Cesar E Chavez becomes Sunset. The artist will stand at this first corner of Sunset Blvd in a plush and colorful costume of soft plastic leis, and welcome all pedestrians and automobile drivers to Sunset. By demarcating a threshold signified only by language (street signs and maps), Sunset Welcome Hug is an attempt to punctuate an otherwise smooth transition with a physical gesture of greeting and affection.


Katie Bachler, "Map of sunset boulevard as it was and is. Proto suNset"

Sunset Blvd and Figueroa St
Look for a large map of green, hanging high in a banner like fashion. Notice where you are, what legends and stories are being made today and the land as land from before a human touch.

A map creates a myth of a space, a representation we all believe in by the way it is presented. Whether this reality is distorted or not, ceases to matter as we process the information as truth. Los Angeles has a history of boosterism, real estate agents used images of a city of white buildings, of endless orange groves. Sunset boulevard is known on maps to the stars houses, as an icon of a Hollywood dream, a road that is a place in and of itself. This map is a new boosterism, a relic of a moment that will forever change the way we see sunset boulevard. It shows what always was, the mountains and rivers and valleys, and what we powerfully have made upon past myths.


Miggie Wong, "StarEyes- Unlimited Greetings-Carpool Badge."

904 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

StarEyes agent is sincerely giving out carpool badges for the first 20 carpool vehicles.

*Carpool Badge must be shown below the rear-view mirror.

*Carpool badges are encouraged to pass on to any participating vehicles.

*Carpool badge only valid when more than 2 passengers on board.

*All passenger’s initial and visited locations shall be hand written on the carpool badge.

*After Sept 18,2011, Carpool badge will be a gift as a remark of the day, However, participants are highly encouraged to photograph the badge and send to [email protected] as the project’s documentation.


Kyla Hansen, Tessie Whitmore, "No Simple Highway"

1264 West Sunset Blvd. (Trash collection/ empty lot next to "Den Chua Xu Thanh Mau")
All Day

No Simple Highway is a site-specific sculptural installation along Sunset Boulevard made up of debris and detritus gathered from stretches of the Los Angeles freeway. We will be working with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation prior to this event, gathering materials (i.e. debris etc.) through volunteered highway clean up. Throughout the duration of the event, we will repurpose the collected debris to construct sculptures and site-specific installations in hopes that people traveling the boulevard may experience a moment of visual enjoyment on their routine drive through the city, and may look at the detritus that lines the streets and freeways in a different light.


Laura Marchetti, "Expert Project"


everyone is the expert at something. part of my life has become discovering and celebrating my friends' diverse expertise. embracing our knowledge and sharing our skills to create a new/progressive community is something i've become invested in. in this project, i am interested in giving people the venue to advertise their expertise or request knowledge on a subject through the most basic promotional technique i see, flyering. The basic outline of the flyer will exist, with areas to "fill in the blank," making the piece accessible, interactive, and ever-changing. The flyers can be posted in my area, and the author of each flyer can fill in as much or as little information as they would like to offer to the public about their expertise/request. or you can just take a blank flyer and think about all the options. any flyers left at my corner will be collected and made available digitally.


Kim Ye and Christine Wang, "Rest Area"

Sunset and Portia
Times: TBA

In this experimental installation, we would like to explore options for a public space that unites the comfort and shelter of the car, with the public social space of sidewalks, parks, and bus stops. Two identical Toyota Sienna minivans are parked directly across the street from each other at either ends of a pedestrian crosswalk. Both side doors are open on the vans, this creates a tunnel that pedestrians must pass through in order to cross the street. Inside of the vans there will be music, air-conditioning, and refreshments offered to the pedestrians. Through the creation of a temporary shared oasis at the boundary between sidewalk and street, we hope to propose an alternative function for the automobile, while simultaneously modifying the bodily experience of the pedestrian.


Billy Kheel, "Untitled (Pennant Installation)"

Sunset Blvd and Portia Street
All Day

For the Sunset Boulevard Road Concert on September 18 I would like to use a fence along Sunset Boulevard to display an installation of flags, pennants and banners. This installation is inspired by the various parking lot merchants seen around Los Angeles (flag sellers, sports memorabilia sellers, blanket sellers) but the installation of the flags, pennants and banners would be extremely crowded and layered thus forming an unreadable, large sculptural form. The pennants, banners and flags themselves would be silk screened on felt and would display imagery and coloration of imagined sports teams. The imagery and coloration of these imagined teams would be inspired by several Californian spiritual movements. However, the imagery would be random enough to also recall the experience of seeing the a blanket seller with a group of blankets that seems almost poetically unrelated - Tigers, Sunsets, and Dora The Explorer together on one fence, for example. The installation would also have a performative element as there would be a “salesman” next to the installation trying to sell the individual pennants, flags and banners to the public, although there would be no reason for them to buy them, as they are not affiliated with any real sports team or school.


Andrea Lambert, "The street outside of G(u)ilt"

1558 West Sunset Blvd. Park at Walgreens.
2:00 – 4:00 PM

Performing the line between guilty memories and the gilded pleasures of wasted youth, Andrea Lambert will read from her chapbook, “G(u)ilt,” stories of San Francisco and Los Angeles at the margins. Whether to regret or celebrate, to remember or medicate into forgetfulness, these stories attempt coming to terms with the past in an uncertain present. I will be standing outside of The Gold Room, wearing black and gold and reading from a chapbook.


Rima Añosa and Jason Luz

TBD possibly in courtyard of Cowboys and Turbans, 2815 Sunset Blvd. Or back room of Café Tropical 2900 W Sunset Blvd.
Times TBA

Two masked balladeers perform the endless battle between nostalgia and dissolution, sentimental warbling v. regenerative noise, white flight v. the scourge of specialty boutiques, butt plugs v. artisan up-cycled-rubber butt plugs.
Our proposed sound installation is an open-ended, improvised sound collage realizing the aural specter of all times past and future collapsed into the same space and moment. The installation will meld ambient sounds with more ostensibly musical passages: the traffic and fragmented café conversations, lurid and pedestrian, ubiquitous to the boulevard, the imagined rattle and squeal of the old street car lines, the chatter of Filipino denizens long since relocated to suburban enclaves, the thrall of old pop hits inspired by the boulevard, the monolith of LA car culture, sunshine and noir, the gay bars whose names haven’t been spoken in years, low-rider doo wop, pachuco heel clicks, Elliott Smith’s vespery croon. We will attempt to create an atmosphere akin to Susan Philipsz’s sound installations—contemplative and haunting but with a more performative bent and utilizing a more eclectic and hopefully provocative range of timbres and tonalities.


Travis Diehl & Ian James, "The Palms"

2000 Sunset Blvd.
All Day

Sound bath held within hut, participants invited inside for as long as they like to lay upon grass mats and absorbed into the tonal waves


Jon Rutzmoser, {sat, set, sit}

1918 West Sunset Blvd.
All Day

Part sculpture, part functional street furniture, part library. Installed outside my apt. to survey the block I live on.


Diana-Sofia Estrada, "The Winners’ Intersection"

2400 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

The Winners’ Intersection! A small group of similarly dressed individuals will be cheering on anyone who bikes or skates down either sides of the bike lanes. Using checkered flags, the group will cheer and howl for people coming down those lanes (or close to it). Statements such as “winner!” will be yelled. If people bike in groups, everyone who passes by will be declared the “Winner!” No one will be left out or behind.

We are all winners.


Nicholas Smith, "When life gives you lemons."

Sunset/Alvarado, 12:00 - 12:10 PM
Sunset/Western, 2:00 - 2:10 PM
Sunset/Crescent Heights, 4:00 - 4:10 PM
Sunset/Sepulveda, 5:30 - 5:40 PM

Most people have grown accustomed to routines, which lead to daily expectations. However, the world is not so predictable. In a given day there are many circumstances for which we cannot control, which disrupt our routines, and defy our expectations. I will explore this by making a simple act impossible - the righthand turn. Throughout the day on Sunset, I will be "accidentally" dropping groceries in the middle of intersections so that traffic builds up while I pick up my dropped goods. Drivers will be made aware that an act which is supposed to save time (driving) can in fact become the opposite of what they had expected.


Harpal Sodhi, "Pine-Cone Chandelier (sans light)"

2882 W Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
12 PM - 2 PM

Since I started to walk dogs as a source of income, I'm out a lot. Because of this, I started to notice that LA has a decent amount of pine trees. You have to keep an eye out for them, but they are there. As I began walking more and more dogs, I started noticing an abundance of pine cones within various spots within LA. I've always thought pine cones are such a beautiful and elaborate piece of nature. So intricate and deliciously yummy of a shape. And the variation of cones that occurs between different trees is a treat to notice as I gather more and more.

So somewhere between walking a German Shepard and a Chiuaua the notion came to me to create a chandelier out of these natural gems. The project took awhile for it to get to where I wanted it...and sat on the back-burner for some time...but now that I'm more or less there...more ideas continue to's just finding the time, know-how, and money to execute them.


Philip Littell / Claudia Gräu, "Falling Down In A Gown"

3200 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
Noon to 1:00, maybe 2:00

Dressed by Gräu in a red white and black creation, Littell will ascend the Micheltorena Stairs and proceed to fall down them, repeating the action until it is no longer possible or indeed desirable.

Special thanks to Gräu Studio and the folks at Beverly Hills Hosiery.


Matt MacFarland, "Come Walk With Me: Stairwalk #9 Silver Lake Circles"

First staircase is located off of Sunset in between Descanso Drive and Micheltorena St. (across from Dusty's and immediately after Ali Mama cafe.)
All Day (audio walking tour mp3s to be uploaded to smartphone and map will be provided)

Download mp3's and print out a map to participate in this 45 minute long stair walk by Stair walk enthusiast Matt MacFarland. Through a pre-recorded audio tour, MacFarland will guide you around the charming Silver Lake Circles, in addition to discussing his personal reasons for commencing the Stair Walks in the first place.


Jonathan Gomez, "Super Transparent Small Dog Disco"

Sunset Blvd at Griffith Park Blvd
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

The Super Transparent Small Dog Disco is a Rat Terrier sized light emporium for dogs and their owners to gather together. The merit of the lightweight alightminarium' is to facilitate transparency. A petit hall transparent of intentions, without illusions of who you will go home with tonight or who your adorable dog Mila will attract at the park. Unlike a plexi looking glass, you just see the probability that certain places allow perfect strangers to share affection together. To pat a dog together, since you prefer daylight instead of neon light. Parks for dogs are the light emporium where strangers act kindly. Italo playing.

The disco is 2 feet in height made from colored super transparent mylar plastic sheets, allowing drivers to see into the disco adorned with a fish-like scale sequence made of mylar, mini dog seating, hoops for jumping through, mini disco ball and portable sound system.


Jannon, "This is not exactly where I used to live, this is not exactly where I live now"

3921 Sunset Boulevard
Times: Noonish

3921 Sunset Boulevard is not where I grew up. Not exactly. Come by and I’ll tell you about where I did grow up and where I live now, if you'll tell me about where you grew up and where you live now.


Harold Abramowitz and the Unauthorized Narrative Freedom Organization, "Sunset.UNFO!"

3900 W. Sunset Boulevard

Harold Abramowitz will be accepting submissions for the exciting publication, SUNSET.UNFO through Sept 15th, 2011. Please email no more than one paragraph of narrative responding to the phrase SUNSET.UNFO! at [email protected] Please include your name with the submission. Free Copies of SUNSET.UNFO! will be first distributed inside or near 3900 W. Sunset Blvd. on September 18th, 2011, and via US mail thereafter. SUNSET.UNFO! is published and edited by UNFO (Unauthorized Narrative Freedom Organization), an unofficial and temporary coalition of writers and editors, including Harold Abramowitz. Visit Harold Abramowitz inside or near 3900 W. Sunset and pick up a copy of the exciting publication, SUNSET.UNFO!


Rick Bahto (performer) Mark So (composer), "parallel to the earth (In the angles where the grass writing goes on) (2011)"

Sunset Blvd between Fountain and Griffith Park Blvd.
All Day

Rick Bahto is an artist working primarily with 8 mm film, photography, sound, and performance currently living in Los Angeles. Mark So's work explores ordinary situations through varied open theaters of perception and action, often proceeding through simple methods of recording/transcription/reading, as well as changing experiences of silence. Rather than predicate standard categories of realization, in So's pieces the horizons are not given but discovered, often resting in silent parallel to the normal ones, not yet activated. The scores are primarily text-based, rooted in a straightforward experience of language (reading)—its capacity to both hold a line and be struck by the often surprising dimensionality it provokes—and inclined towards a music fully astonished by this emergent nature, drawn directly by the prospects it offers, contemplating suitable action. Accordingly, his works often take place in anonymous, open environments with little or no fanfare, and realizations have ranged from instrumentals, spoken texts and various performed actions, to tapes, films, quasi-installations and other, more fanciful/obscure manifestations.


Claire Cronin, Adam Overton, Tanya Rubbak, "The Sanctified PerMissionaries of Signified Belief"

Sunset Junction, Casbah, Intelligentsia
All Day

The Sanctified PerMissionaries of Signified Belief will take to the streets of Silver Lake reminding the Peoples of Sunset Junction that they have permission to engage in creative, semi-fictional, poly-religious endeavour.

Signify, Sanctify, Believe suggests that temporary engagement with [semi-]fictional religious technologies can lead to heightened and playful awareness in our daily, secular lives. SSB disseminates the sacred work of dozens of contemporary artists, performers, and visionaries, and is facilitated by Angelic AnArchivist Tanya Rubbak, Dabblerist PerMissionary Adam Overton, and Spirit Conductor Claire Cronin.


Al Walz, "Homeless/lyric-less karaoke"

4347 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
Times: periodically throughout the day - as long as my voice holds up!

A homeless guy on the side of the road, with a karaoke machine, and a sign saying "Will try and remember the words, for gifts."


Opera del Espacio, "Crosswalks are extreme architecture."

Sunset and Vermont
Times: TBA

Log onto or take a picture of the QR code posted on the posters to watch an interactive video, previously filmed by ODE in the space you are standing in. Then take a picture of yourself in the same location and post it to our facebook wall!


Rebeca Hernandez, "Dance at the metro"

Sunset and Vermont
2pm, 2:30, 3, 3:30: 15 minutes each time we perform

Site specific dance performance at the north east entrance of the Vermont/Sunset red line metro station accompanied by live band, Comfort Zone Oz on Chapman stick, Breeze on drums and percussion. Dancers are Maggie Jones, Karla Flores, Lynnea Brown and Rebeca Hernandez. Here’s an intervention we did at the Mariachi Plaza metro station in Boyle Heights:


Lindsey Carl Mysse, "A Few Songs About Cars"

Sunset and Vermont

"As silence is chased from the world, powerful myths depart"
R. Murray Schafer

"Nothing essential happens in the absence of noise"
Jacques attali


Kate Durbin, "PILE OF PANTIES"

5115 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
All Day

Women from all over the world have sent in their stained and discarded underwear for the PILE OF PANTIES. These panties will be piled haphazardly on the sidewalk for bystanders and people in cars to gawk at. The phenomenon of the panties will not be explained, and the artist will not be directly present with the panties, though the panties will be recorded from a distance with surveillance equipment. The ultimate fate of the panties is unknown. The piece is inspired by random clothing items found on the side of the road in L.A., discarded women, child abductions, has-been Hollywood starlets, the Holocaust, billboards in L.A., and Agent Provocateur lingerie.


Margaret Wappler, "Temporary Birthing Center of Los Angeles"

Normandie and Sunset
Times: 1-3 p.m. or possibly longer

Were you born in Los Angeles? Did you move here alone or with someone? Who was your first roommate? Your first friend? Your first phone number? The first intersection you used to locate yourself? Your first celebrity sighting? Your first meal? Your first bedroom? Your first car accident? Your first dream set here? What was the first distinctly L.A. sound you remember noticing? What about smell? Visual? Did the sight of palm trees excite you? What about now? What about the racket of helicopters, their spotlights searching out criminals? What about the scent of night-blooming jasmine? The jagged cut of mountains across the sky? Do you remember the smell of bleached laundry, always churning, from an apartment complex on Normandie? Did you walk by the Hollywood Dialysis Center and wonder if you’d ever have to use it? Did you revel in the trashy exoticism of the mall near Sunset and Western? Did you want to befriend, hypnotize or seduce at least one of those Scientologists in starched blue shirts and pants? What’s the dream of this city that you’ve yet to realize? I was born in Los Angeles at the corner of Normandie and Sunset on August 17, 2002, reared on Zankou Chicken and 7-11 cigarettes. What about you?


For Matta-Clark (Zoe Aja Moore + Yelena Zhelezov), "Serenade #1"

6087 Sunset Blvd, los angeles, ca
All Day

Artists Zoe Aja Moore and Yelena Zhelezov make 2 stops along the Sunset Boulevard to serenade 2 large architectural monuments with 2 or more small musical devices.


Audrey Chan, "Walk of Cunts (Study After Judy Chicago)"

Sunset (north side), between Gower and LaBrea
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

In this homage to Judy Chicago's "The Dinner Party", Chicago's Chinese-American doppelganger will render in chalk the glorious cunts of noteworthy women along a stretch of Sunset Boulevard parallel to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Stefan Fähler, "Norma"

Sunset and Vine
All Day

Stefan Fähler is a german/greek artist from Berlin and founding member of the experimental rock group Château Laut. He specializes mostly on working with musicians from all over the world and taking care of their visual appearance.

His works have been featured in exhibitions and publications in Berlin, Basel, New York, Sydney, São Paulo and many more.

His contribution to the LA Road Concerts will be a poster showing Gloria Swanson in her role as Norma Desmond. It will cover the walls and pavement of Sunset Boulevard, serving as a temporary memorial to todays generation of artists. It represents the golden age of Hollywood, the decay of the old studio system and the transient state of fame.

The audience is invited to pick posters for free and to walk over them, accelerating the decay of the installation.


Sascha Goldhor, "Public Confessional"

Sunset Blvd. at Ivar Ave.
11 AM - 2 PM

All are welcome to come confess at Public Confessional. Confessions need not follow traditional models. People who choose to participate may act as confessor or penitent or both and can do so from either side of the confessional partition. Participants are welcome to share any information they choose. By creating a space, generally considered confidential and relocating it so that it stands exposed on a major city street, the confessional asks: what distinguishes public from private? What determines an intimate exchange? How does this inform the way we communicate in the world?



W Sunset Blvd. & N Cahuenga Blvd.
All Day

A collective group of young creative individuals: artist, musicians, skateboarders and photographers ranging from ages 16-21 from Los Angeles, California, displaying art from at least 5 different artists, and at least 4 different live dj sets.


Maryam Hosseinzadeh, "Sunday Special Requests and Dedications"

7120 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA.
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Look to the skyline for the black and white sign that says Art Laboe Original Sound Entertainment.


Vincent Ramos, “Life is Short, Art is Long, Experience Difficult: For Douglas Hart, Ger Van Elk, and Julie Orser”

Near the intersection of Sunset Blvd. and N. Pointsettia Pl. (South side of the street near Simon’s Discount Pharmacy).
Please look for the artist’s 2003 blue Chevrolet S-10 pick up truck. License Plate # 7K77488

A short text concerning archives, memory, and site.


Jim Skuldt, "CROP CIRCLE (Int'l) CAKE PLUG"

LTD Los Angeles, 7561 Sunset Blvd
8:00 PM - 8:05 PM

Jim Skuldt operates (lifts, lights, and rotates) a subset of the 48-foot-diameter circular touring stage formerly belonging to Neil Diamond, featuring a modified assembly of 12,000 Watts of rotating aircraft landing lights to accompany a live musical set.


Artie Vegas Revue with Tequila Mockingbird



Luiz Ricardo Lopez (artistic director), Mercedes Smith (musical director), Melissa Brown (actor and collaborator), "MØN€¥ ƒU¢†"

Begins on SUNSET AND STANLEY @ 7565 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046 and will travel westward towards the House of Blues.
7:30 - 8 PM

An interdisciplinary collaboration between a filmmaker/director, a musician, and an actor; this piece explores sexual anarchy and the misuse of money. My PIMP is a female talented saxophone player that plays music to her HOE who is in search for money and needs to make a buck. This piece welcomes interactivity and participation with the audience.


Ramiro Gomez, Jr., "Happy Hills"

various locations from Laurel/Sunset to Bellagio Way/Sunset at the entrance to Bel-Air.
All Day

The concept behind Happy Hills is of a social issue unique, but not exclusive to, the Los Angeles area. I work as a male nanny in the Hollywood Hills and the title Happy Hills refers to the Disneyland lifestyle presented by those homeowners who seek to distance themselves from the ordinary people below. I am a witness to people from all walks of life commuting into these homes daily to maintain an ideal community that pretends to be far removed from the social ills plaguing the city when in fact, the community exists as an example of a great social divide. I am interested in exploring avenues of street art where a dialogue can arise between the people of our city. This Sunset Blvd. Roadshow presents the perfect opportunity to begin the dialogue with my images of the hardworking people who maintain these homes quietly and consistently. I propose to showcase the diligent, often thankless work by people who are not recognized by our country as citizens in order to question what exactly is an American, through a series of cardboard/wood cutouts and paintings displayed in various ways along the span of Sunset Blvd.

I will place these cutouts and paintings in select areas from the Eastside such as bustops and sidewalks to highlight the daily journeys these people make in order to survive. On the Westside, I intend to place these cardboard/wood cutouts along garden hedges and lawns in a guerrilla tactic influenced by streetart. They will be susceptible to the homeowners and city’s discretion therefore will exist for an indefinite amount of time. The temporary nature of the artwork is a direct reference to the temporary nature of the real work these people do. They come and go, like Ghosts in the Machine, responsible for these homes as well as their own.

In reference to the Disneyland lifestyle, I aim to display these pieces in much the same way rides at Disneyland do, such as The Riverboat Tour, with it’s animatronic Native Americans and animals. I am well aware of the Tour companies that travel along Sunset Blvd. to display an ideal Hollywood to the tourists that come into town seeking the glitz and glory of a town sold to them through movies. With these cutouts, I want to take advantage of these curious tourists to expose them to the social truth behind the curtains.

I have chosen to create an accompanying soundscape, made up of various mp3’s found on youtube and arranged on garageband, with the sounds of the Los Angeles I hear. The sounds of the lawnmowers starting up, the sounds of the Mexican radio stations playing from the trucks while these people work. I will make the soundscapes available to the participants through a link on my soundcloud, where they can download and play from their cars as they seek out my cutouts. There is a fantasy quality to open up the soundscape, much like Disney has done to present their own stories, to highlight the dreams these hard workers harbor of succeeding in this country. The reality of maintaining these homes, is not by any means “fun”, and this juxtaposition of sounds and images is at the core of my concept.

This project examines the power of the immigrant, in a timely, unique manner. As a First Generation Mexican-American, I am constantly torn between multiple worlds. I see myself and my family in these people I work with in the Hollywood Hills, and their struggles are mine as well. My actions are not vandalism, but rather, inspired by it. Much like gangs, and taggers on the east have made themselves visible on their streets, I seek to make myself and others visible on the west. With various sociopolitical and racial divisions separating us, the economic struggles and the calls for immigration reform, there has never been a better time for me to showcase this work. I have a voice and I intend to use it.

Link to the Happy Hills blog:

Link to the soundscape:


John P. Hogan

Sunset and Laurel Canyon
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Laurel Canyon was once the home of rockstars such as Frank Zappa, Joni Mitchell, Graham Nash, and The Byrds. In the early 60's, rockers would come down from the canyon and hit the clubs on the Sunset Strip, then return to the canyon for whatever recreational deviancies they devised that night. After the riot on the Sunset Strip of 1966, the canyon became a refuge; a place to hide from the animus, hassles and danger of the city below. As with all things in Hollywood, any good tribute must be painted in broad strokes. I will play a silent cartoon guitar at Laurel Canyon and Sunset as a nod to the nearby Laugh Factory and in tribute to the scene pre-'66. -John P. Hogan


David Burns and Matias Viegener, "Casting Call"

12pm at Sunset and Crescent Heights (at the grand staircase): Sunset Boulevard, by Billy Wilder
2pm at Sunset and Marmont: Somewhere, by Sophia Copolla
4pm at Sunset and Sweetzer: Annie Hall, by Woody Allen
(90 min at each location)

Re-cast a moment from one of four films set on Sunset Blvd: iconic film moments restaged in today’s transient world. We’re reconsidering the cinematic without the camera as the frame, thinking about the city as the context rather than the screen or the theater. No one can really act, but everyone can be a star.


John D'Amico, "Welcome"

At the entrance to West Hollywood on the north Side of Sunset Boulevard at Marmont Lane.
Times TBA

West Hollywood City Councilmember John D'Amico will welcome people to the city of West Hollywood.


Corey Fogel & Jonathan Silberman, "James Blood Ulmer's More Blood"

sunset @ Marmont Ln

drummer corey fogel and saxophonist jonathan silberman perform a duo rendition of jazz guitarist James Blood Ulmer's blistering More Blood.


Danielle Adair, "LA Songs"

Sunset and Marmont

Two song-poems, “Some People Are Without Guitar” and “I Am Responsible”, will be delivered via phone call and interpreted live by Corey Marc Fogel on site. This is a road-trip, so all are welcome to participate, via voice or beat.


Walker with Ali Tobia, "Cow Chi Mythology"

Sunset and Marmont
4:30, 4:45 and 5 pm
Length: 5 minutes

A cowboy and tai chi practitioner performing in front of the West Hollywood sign westbound on Sunset Blvd. A brief look at the conflation of east and west and how that meeting is confounded by mis-concepted romanticizations.


A'misa Chiu, "Feeding Time"

8532 Sunset
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Pigeons are creatures of the city. Originally from the family of the rock dove, pigeons are commonly known as 'rats with wings'. I am exploring the creatures of the concrete-- to see what pigeons prefer to eat: seed or bread and if live pigeons will come congregate with stuffed pigeons. I will documenting the intermingling of these two species of birds by drawing sketches of the interaction. Passerbyers are welcome to contribute a pigeon drawing to post on the Traveling Blue Minivan Gallery walls!


Robby Herbst, "We Are The Underground, We Like It Like That."

8921 W. Sunset Blvd
Times: When we damn please

We'll be by a cannabis collective thinking how CA. decriminalization is disappointingly dull. We'll wear wild pants. David Peel And the Lower East Side, The American Revolution. John Sinclair, Guitar Army. Abbie Hoffman, Woodstock Nation.


Emily Appenzeller, "Carousel Carousel"

Sunset at Norma Triangle (Hammond St.)
4:00 PM -- 7:00 PM

Red carousel with four seats, lights, and music. Turns at 1rpm.


Kyle Barnes, "Sound, Fury, No Hurry"

8991 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
11AM- 12:20 PM, 1:15 PM - 2:50 PM, 3:15 PM - 5:00 PM

I will be performing mixes of tunes I have composed and produced all using a laptop and MIDI intermediary. Once I've wrapped up that set, I'll segue it into simple break beats and bass, and perform five to seven spoken word poems to wrap up each set.


Michelle Detorie & friends, "The Poetry Booth"

Sunset and Western
All Day

The Poetry Booth is an interactive public art installation & collaborative workspace for experiencing & making poems.


Ken Ehrlich, "Every Nation is a Fiction"

All Day

Text piece installed in sequential locations to be read from passing vehicles. Enclosure, masks, interiority externalized, imaginary structures on a grand scale, rhetoric, etc.


Laura London, "Former Location/Contemporary Portrait (The Trip)"

8572 Sunset Blvd.

Artist / Photographer, Laura London will hold an on-site photo shoot - on location “in her signature style” using a traditional film and digital camera with 1-3 models and an assistant.

Inspired by the images & events on the Sunset Blvd music scene in the 1960s, this piece will continue the ideas in my previous body of work titled; Former Location / Contemporary Portraits. The images reference the styles and fashions of the times in which these events took place. Black and white contemporary portraits will be shot in historic locations of rock ‘n’ roll history that took place on the Sunset Strip. The Former Location / Contemporary Portrait series was originally shot as a commission for the Los Angeles MTA Orange Line - Permanent Public Art Project, Valley College Station , 2005.


Emery C. Martin, "Dead Man's Shuttle"

900 Block of N. Whittier Drive just north of the Sunset Blvd & N. Whittier intersection.
3pm, 3:15pm, 3:45pm, 4:00pm, 4:15pm, 4:30pm, and 4:45pm.

Dead Man’s Shuttle, is a small shuttle that takes riders along the deadly curve located at Sunset Boulevard and N. Whittier Drive, known as “Dead Man’s Curve.” Riders will be given a brief history on the curve and its influence upon Hollywood celebrities, Los Angeles, and popular culture, before they climb into Dead Man’s Shuttle and ride along the deadly curve. Throwing caution to the wind with each ride and playing the odds with the hope that the fury of Sunset Boulevard’s Dead Man’s Curve will not strike.


Michiko Yao, Juna Amano, "HANJO ICHIJO"

9650 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
2 PM - 4 PM

Hanjo Ichijo is an audience participatory project created by Michiko Yao and Juna Amano. At the project location: Will Rogers Memorial park in Beverly Hills, participants will be invited to interact as instructed within a space that is indicated by a tatami-size red fabric on the ground. Several of these spaces will be in the park with different instructions.

Both Michiko Yao and Juna Amano are originally from Japan. Hanjo Ichijo is inspired by the Japanese proverb, "Okite hanjo nete ichijo", which translates to: "Awake, half a tatami*, asleep, one tatami*.” It means not to overemphasize on more than what you need. At this well kept park in one of the richest neighborhoods in the United States, Beverly Hills, we strive to make people question the indivisual’s physical and psychological relationship to a space and material. *Tatami is a traditional Japanese flooring mat made of rice straw.


Audio Destructinators, "Showdown"

4:00-4:15 9650 Sunset Boulevard
5:15-5:45 10340 Sunset Boulevard
6:30 beach

Musicians with a score to settle


Katie Jacobson, "Ghosts in the Web"

14200 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
5:00 - 6:00 PM

I will stand dressed in old west style-clothing with a large map of the internet, labeled with "ghost towns": old-fashioned, abandoned websites that have not been updated or likely even thought about for years, but which still remain to be seen by those who might stumble onto them. I will also be distributing maps with included urls to anyone who stops by my location, so that they can explore the ghost towns on their own.

My purpose in this is to explore the relationship between the geographies of the physical world and the online world. Like real ghost towns, these websites, often untouched and in a state of disrepair, are a unique relic of past hope. By showcasing this project on Sunset Blvd, I hope to highlight this contrast between the physical and the digital.


Kelly Coats, "Trousdale 3-Star Mashup"

9229 West Sunset Boulevard
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

I will be positioned outside of WeHo hot-spot Trousdale Lounge standing next to a life-size cutout that you can get your photo taken next to. If the stars are aligned, concert goers may also be serenaded with a hip-hop sound portrait compliments of Dr. Geek.


Sepand Shahab, "re:place"

Sunset Blvd and Temescal Canyon Rd
4:30 - 6:30 PM

After traveling almost the entire length of Sunset Blvd this installation gives visitors the chance to duck under a shroud and catch a random glimpse of traveling down a road in Iran. The clips are not long and provide a short yet intense experience that re-situates the viewer in their immediate surroundings.


Robin Myrick, "The Ephemeral History of Gelson's Sunset Boulevard"

15424 Sunset Boulevard, Pacific Palisades
All Day

This interactive piece encourages concert participants to collaborate long-distance with the artist in celebrating the stealth, disembodied history one of West Sunset's forgotten cultural heritage sites. The downloadable content associated with this locale will chronicle and reclaim the fuzzy, anecdotal, infamous, and tangental history of this transcendent space (alternately understood as a chain supermarket), suggest meaningful interpretive activities, and provide instructions for those who wish to do a site-specific historic reenactment as part of their drive through the Palisades along Sunset.


Colin Wambsgans, "The Ocean on Foot, the Sea in Cars"

Downloadable, to be played at Sunset and the PCH
Times: When you're near the ocean

Please download the track located at: When you begin to get to the end of Sunset (around Palisades Dr.), start the track. If you've gotten to the end of Sunset by car, roll down your windows and play the track loudly. Get as close to the ocean as you can (parking might be difficult). If you've gotten to the end of Sunset by some other method, find a way to play the music out-loud if possible. If you have no speakers, listen to the sounds on headphones. Look and listen for other ocean sounds from cars and people on the beach, in the parking lot, or on the street.


Greg Zilboorg, "Shouting Dog"

Sunset and PCH
Times: TBA

A big ass brass band. Stop Look and Listen!


Carolyn Chen, amoeba sunset procession

Sunset and PCH

increasingly lavish versions of ravel's bolero
featuring: Brian Griffeath-Loeb, April Guthrie, Maggie Hasspacher, Grace Leslie, Yvette Jackson


Debbie Attias & Nathan Hodson, "Bingo Beach Party: A Money-Dance"

The beach at the end of Sunset Boulevard
4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

In homage to the Malibu beach party films of the 1960s, we will have beach-side, fun-loving, go-go crazy dance party. However, times are different and we are not the carefree teens of the 60s. Therefore, our dance party will involve rituals and dance moves to invoke great wealth and abundance. The 60s movies always featured the latest dances, which we acknowledge by inviting participants to invent new dance moves writing them on cards to add to our collection of money-dance rituals. (or RICH-uals!)


Austin Young, "En Plein Air"

at the end of Sunset, at the shore

I will be taking nude portraits of anyone with a body on Sunset near the beach at dusk . abandon your shame . celebrate yourself! You are perfect exactly how you are! look for me and my assistance with white sheets. text me for exact location: 323-839-5589 drive through the Strip then Strip.

we take nothing when we go. We are at our most vulnerable nude. We are at are most powerful nude. and The end of summer is perfect for showing off your Tan before it washes away with L.A. winter rains. it used to be legal to be naked on Venice Beach. The eyes are the window to the soul . The nipples are a pathway to harmony. L.A. Sunset at Sunset. Be naked like the day you were born - the end of the road on the beach. Bare all. When you show everything, you've got nothing to hide.




Roving projects:


Samantha Cohen, "Partake of My Heartbreak"

Sunset/Santa Monica to Sunset/Douglas
All Day

I am making a pilgrimage from my house to my ex lover's house, mostly down Sunset. On this pilgrimage I will carry a typewriter and a bench in a wagon. I will set up my typing station at various locations along Sunset, recording memories with my ex, as well as thoughts and emotions pertaining to those memories, at each location. Passersby will be encouraged to tear off already-typed-on paper from the back of the typewriter and thereby partake of my heartbreak, as with communion, consuming pieces of the body of my memories.

This project 1) challenges the notion that writing is permanent, painstaking, or for posterity, by offering pieces of my project to strangers who will never come together, making it impossible for the piece of riting to ever be whole; 2) will make an unfinished map of my relationship, mapped by both the external (a few mile of sunset boulevard) & the internal (memories); 3) forges uncomfortable intimacies with my neighbors and community members, maybe even giving them some kind of weird responsibility along with the pain I hope to bestow on them; & 4) functions as a religious process of transference.


Paula Peng's Time Travel Arcade: AIRSHIP LAUNCH

Moving along Sunset Blvd.
Time Travel Arcade takes you on a"nostalgic journey" streetside via AIRSHIP and props. $6/10, 1-2 persons per ride.

Time Travel Arcade is a mobile interactive art-cade. The studio services one or two persons on a short "nostalgic journey" streetside via a painted installation, props and costuming. SUGGESTED: $6 per visit for Solo Traverse (one child under 6 years age rides free with adult) $10 per visit for Companion Sojourn Limit of 2 persons serviced per visit. Included in each visit: Up to 5 minutes journey to Forgotten Points in Time with props and costumes, Antique Camera Portrait Service, and one Photographic Travel souvenir (property of TTA, but freely available to participants) for ETERNITY!


Stine Marie Jacobsen, "Telephone Game"

Location: Stephen van Dyck's shirt; Copenhagen (phone connection)
All day

Stephen Van Dyck is wearing my Danish phone number on the back of his shirt as he traverses Sunset Boulevard on a motorcycle.


Alexis Disselkoen and Paul Pescador, "Pointing West"

about every half mile from the beginning of Sunset to the Ocean.
All Day

Pointing West is part of an on-going collaboration between Disselkoen and Pescador. Playing with an arrow symbol they will cover the Road Concert length with directional signs, from the beginning of Sunset Boulevard to the Pacific Ocean. Paul Pescador is interested in small-scale actions and gestures that manifests in the form of photographic objects, performance events, and curated exhibitions. Through the use of event-based situations Alexis Disselkoen strives to connect contemporary issues of identity to inform art production, viewership and participation. This is will be their seventh project working together.



from alvarado to hollywood blvd.
All Day

on friday night. im going to go post it bombing. for your road concert.
i'll also be mattress bombing if there are any mattresses out on sunset.


Maxfield Hegedus & Solomon Bothwell, "Downtown to the Pacific Coast Highway on Sunset Blvd."

KCHUNG Radio 1700 AM, Entire Length of Sunset Blvd

We will be walking the length of Sunset Blvd beginning at daybreak. Documentation will be produced and then rebroadcast on KCHUNG Radio.


MUC, "Self-Help Yourself Karaoke Therapy"

12Noon-2pm: Self-Help Yourself Karaoke Therapy Beach BBQ @ Sunset Blvd. & PCH
then MUC becomes mobile heading East on Sunset Blvd. with the final performance at 5pm at Little Joy (Sunset Blvd. and Portia St.)
MUC will make 3 stops along Sunset as we head East.
Follow us on Twitter for our current location:

A limited collection of self-improvement books will be provided in a booth for those brave enough to read self-help in a public space. Is it a badge of shame or a proudly displayed banner to admit that you are curious for someone else’s answers? The library is open for the viewer’s perusal and guests are invited to participate in Self-help Yourself: "Karaoke Therapy.” Hoping to tap into the “feel good” aspects of Karaoke and drawing on Beuys’s therapeutic conception of performance art, we have brought self-administered therapy into a public-performative arena to create “Karaoke Therapy.”

Each of the books in the Self-Help Yourself library is coded on the inside cover with a 5-digit number that corresponds to a Karaoke song. MUC chose the songs based on what we believe would enhance the efficacy of the self-help book (e.g., the book The Etiquette of Dating is paired with the song Don’t Stand So Close to Me, by The Police). A member of MUC will read an excerpt from the book aloud followed by the participant singing the corresponding song. The song remains a mystery to the participant until the music plays and the title appears on the Karaoke screen. The “Magic Mic” Karaoke music is accompanied by live back-up singers and by a violin solo from Victoria Tao. The violin solo is modeled after the tradition set by silent films where violin music is played to represent melodrama, sentimental or “mock-tragic” scenes. The back-up singers serve as moral support.


Daiana Feuer, "Clownin"


Darcy Yates, "Everyone has to wait for the bus."

Randomly around Sunset Boulevard

As an artist living in L.A I see the stress of the busy streets and crowed sidewalks everyday. My art pieces reflect the impact the transit system has on our day to day lives. As you walk through Sunset today I want you to keep your eyes peeled for a character waiting at a bus stop or lamp post. Find them all and feel the impact.

Look around Sunset and you will see, I am still waiting to pay my bus fee. I am in more than one place even though I never seem to change my face. Find me fast before my bus comes, you will find me hanging in the slums. I need to get to my home by the sea, hanging out here is not the life for me.


Cindy Short and friends, "The Roving Garden Project"

moving from Hillcrest (BH) to Crescent Heights
All Day

Look for a push cart or two of planted vegetables and seedlings along the sidewalk areas (specific area as soon as i assess!) of the boulevard. We will give away seedlings, talk of meaningful public gathering places, the meaning of home and place, gardening tips, and whatever else comes up...

The Roving Garden Project represents the failures and possibilities of a project I began this year. Initially, it was a small community raised garden box to benefit the Labor Exchange in Malibu, California, which is a non-profit serving the local homeless and day laborers. Shortly after its completion, the garden box had to be taken apart due to a complaint by someone opposed to the project, and my failure to acquire use permits for the site.

The Roving Garden Project challenges the habitual perception of a fixed location and community by prioritizing a symbol for something that is mutable and dynamic. The traveling form the garden has taken can act as a site for meaning to be continually reworked. Place can be created on the move.





Downloadable projects:


Karen Atkinson's program maps

Downloadable and available at participating artist spots
All Day


Johns Barlog and Burtle, "Places to Shit"

All Day

Places to Shit is a guide to help you answer nature's call on Sunset Blvd. Toilets of varying degrees of publicness are mapped and coded.


Eric Lindley, "Light/Lighting"

Downloadable; any and all nice, grassy empty lots.
All Day

Download here.


Linda Lay, "Art Star Tour"

All Day

A series of Sunset Boulevard facts and stories, personal and relayed. Pretend you're on a Hollywood tour or listening to an audio-only DVD commentary for a famous street instead of a movie.


Joe Milazzo, "Di Sumus Aureus"

All Day

According to Google Maps’ most optimistic estimates, a traversal of the complete extent of Los Angeles’ Sunset Boulevard—with no stops included—requires 54 minutes, or 3,240 seconds, of driving time. The total length of Sunset Boulevard thus traversed is 24 miles.

“Di Sumus Aureus” is a musical composition consisting of a single 2 minute and 15 second (or 135 second) progression of 5 organ chords, which has been looped 24 times (or: one reiteration per mile) so as to occupy / fill / fully accompany a single journey, by automobile, east or west on Sunset Boulevard. Variations, achieved via the application of both analog and digital effects to the original 2 minute and 15 second phrase, are introduced with each reiteration or loop.

“Di Sumus Aureus” is offered to listeners as an acoustical mirror held up to the monotony, homogeneity, contiguity, coterminousness, synchronicity and diversity of the sensations proffered by the various environments through which Sunset Boulevard—or any major urban thoroughfare, for that matter—passes.

Every attempt has been made to ensure that the fidelity of this recording evokes the sound and texture of a radio broadcasts as successively tuned in on and heard over a vintage car stereo system.

Like the most conscientiously conceived of human fabrications, a radio signal does not leave a permanent or irreversible mark upon the landscape, but rather weakens as it extends its reach and dissipates into the ends of its designs. “Di Sumus Aureus” is similarly structured.

The title “Di Sumus Aureus” is Latin. The English translation of this phrase is, roughly, “We are all golden gods.” Each individual listener is invited to assign whatever significance or insignificance they choose to the meaning of this phrase and the possible association(s) it may have with his / her experience of the piece in its natural setting. One need only listen and look.

The source material for “Di Sumus Aureus” was generated using a Casio SK-1 sampling keyboard.


Matthew Fielder + Nate Schulman, "BEYOND THE CLOSE-UPS: Sunset Boulevard Audio Tour"

All Day

Like all well-travelled throughfares, Sunset Boulevard contains an audacious ethos of entertainment and myth for tourists and residents alike, but few contain such mammoth hyperbole as a shop- ping center daring to call itself the “Crossroads of the World.” What of this concourse seems to fascinate us so? How can the recurring darkness of the Sunset Strip (from the O.D. of River Phoenix to Hugh Grant’s prostitute purchases) meld with the utter calm of meditators at the Lake Shrine Temple in Pacific Palisades?

BEYOND THE CLOSE-UPS takes a prompt from the 1972 made-for-television documentary, Reyner Banham Loves L.A. where the Architecture and Urban Critic travels around L.A. in a rental car. ‘The central conceit of this hour-long BBC documentary is a fake interactive geolocative app — and it’s built into an 8-track tape (called) “Baede- Kar.”(Bruce Sterling in Wired Magazine).’ BEYOND THE CLOSE-UPS is an audio tour of Sunset Blvd. that uses the now-pervasive voice of GPS, which Baede-Kar so presciently predicted. Instead of only taking you from point A to point B, the GPS voice will, like Baede-Kar, have its own kind of intelligence. The audio tour presents contextual information beyond the commercialized curation of Internet sites like Yelp in order to provide what James Bond films might call intel on specific locations along Sunset Blvd. The audio tour guide is made available online, both for download, and through live steaming, so that users can interact with locations by listening to it before, during, or after the concert performances.


Gary Schultz, "Specific Action"

Download here.

For the Road Concerts, I imagine it as a station (maybe even a mobile station-ensemble of people just coming and going along the boulevard) where passers-by would be given a copy of the score (most likely with an in-person explanation) and then head-out for a little sight-seeing, possibly escorted, joined, or recruited by a stationaire.


Robin Myrick, "The Ephemeral History of Gelson's Sunset Boulevard"

15424 Sunset Boulevard, Pacific Palisades
All Day

This interactive piece encourages concert participants to collaborate long-distance with the artist in celebrating the stealth, disembodied history one of West Sunset's forgotten cultural heritage sites. The downloadable content associated with this locale will chronicle and reclaim the fuzzy, anecdotal, infamous, and tangental history of this transcendent space (alternately understood as a chain supermarket), suggest meaningful interpretive activities, and provide instructions for those who wish to do a site-specific historic reenactment as part of their drive through the Palisades along Sunset.

Megan May Daalder, "Car Alarm Symphony"

All Day

Download here.


Kristy Baltezore, "Sunset Boulevard:Audio Scavenger Hunt and Strip Cruise"
24 miles of Sunset Boulevard
All day / User Guided

Use your smartphone to Find, Record and Submit the 24 audio samples on the Scavenger Hunt List and win maybe a gift certificate to Ameoba Music (the ultimate audio experience on Sunset Boulevard!) Points given for creative interpretation, diversity of audio samples and completion.

Samples will be used by to create an original musical composition in honor of Sunset Boulevard.

One year later, participants will be invited to cruise the 24 miles of Sunset Boulevard from the seat of a red convertible while listening to the composition. Official cruising attire of sunglasses and beachwear will be required.

Visit: for full details


Tucker Neel, "The I will always love you project"

This project is located at the phone number (530) 564-0099. This project will be up until the end of October.

Times: All the time
Length: It's up to you

Please pick up your phone right now and call (530) 564-0099.

When prompted, please sing the song I Will Always Love You after the beep.

You can sing any version of the song you like.

If you mess up you can always call back and re-record.

You can call back and sing the song as many times as you wish.

If you want to be credited for your contribution please spell your name either before or after your recording, or you can remain anonymous.

In late 2011, the recordings from this project will be compiled, re-mastered, and released online and as a limited edition CD. All proceeds from the sale of this CD will go to providing free women’s self-defense classes.

For more information please visit

To pre-order the limited edition CD email Tucker Neel at [email protected]


Colin Wambsgans, "The Ocean on Foot, the Sea in Cars"

Downloadable, to be played at Sunset and the PCH
Times: When you're near the ocean

Please download the track located at: When you begin to get to the end of Sunset (around Palisades Dr.), start the track. If you've gotten to the end of Sunset by car, roll down your windows and play the track loudly. Get as close to the ocean as you can (parking might be difficult). If you've gotten to the end of Sunset by some other method, find a way to play the music out-loud if possible. If you have no speakers, listen to the sounds on headphones. Look and listen for other ocean sounds from cars and people on the beach, in the parking lot, or on the street.